nuevo-FP-FAN-02 For Publishers

nativead’s cutting-edge technology enables publishers to manage their inventory for direct sale campaigns and scale monetization with programmatic demand.

All in one integrated management platform

Ad serving + SSP

Automatic Integrator

Easier than implementing display banners. Through our visual interface you can create placements in less than 5 minutes without any programing skills.

All revenue types

Monetize native advertising as you wish by CPE, CPM, CPC, Fixed Sponsor or RTB.

All native types

Create placements for Native IN and Native OUT according to your monetization strategy.

Monetize all audience channels

Create Editorial Placements and integrate Mobile Apps and Social Networks to drive traffic and fully monetize your audience as never before.

Dynamic Placements

No more blanks. Overwrite an existing placement or create a new one within the content feed that appears and disappears dynamically with active campaigns.

Advanced Metrics

In addition to impressions, clicks and page views we provide a proprietary measurement algorithm that guarantees user engagement with content.

Campaign Dashboard

We provide a smart dashboard, not just a downloadable excel report for your clients.


Segmentation by device, location and demographics to optimize campaign effectiveness by impacting your target audience.


Develop multiple strategies to achieve one campaign goal.


We connect sellers with multiple buyers to scale native monetization through all audience channels and native types

Business models.

Direct Sales and programmatic

Direct Sales

Empowers publishers to manage, integrate, publish and measure direct sold campaigns.

Open Exchange

Enables sellers to increase monetization by working with multiple demand partners at scale, achieving higher yields.


More control and less operational overhead, creating unique offers, making your inventory available to a selected group of buyers.


Maximize revenue through monetizing a new inventory type.


Publishers have an opportunity to maximize their earnings by implementing a revenue model based on sponsored content, according to your editorial rules and obtaining content engagement.


Take advantage of your social network profiles creating a new inventory type


As a media group you can integrate your journalist and influencers to your inventory offer driving traffic to the branded content under a revenue share model with your Influencers.

White-Label for Ad Networks.

nuevo-FP-FAN-05-def For Ad Networks

We power leading Ad Networks to build and grow their native advertising business with our innovative technology through a customized platform. Take advantage of our expertise and focus on what matters most: maximizing sales