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Connect and inspire audiences with the most influential native types and formats achieving the highest content consumption. Native ads increase user engagement, views, click-throughs and shares.

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All native types

Native in

Content is distributed and consumed on the publishers’ editorial spaces with the same look & feel and user experience as any editorial content. Content needs to be relevant and interesting to the user. Native IN is the best and most suitable format for advertisers who focus their strategy on branding, as it allows them to position themselves in the space they are interested in and to relate positively with users. Websites become content prescribers that generate trust in the user that consumes the content.

Native out

The call-to-action is served in the editorial area of publishers with the same look & feel. The content however is consumed on the advertiser’s landing page through a click-out. Native OUT is the most suitable format for advertisers that aim for a direct response by redirecting traffic to a landing page where the user directly interacts with the brand.

They already trust us

We created a 360º service to facilitate the sale of native advertising campaigns for editorial media and ad networks, both Native IN and Native OUT, that complements a monetization model based up until now on display. What clients most value in us is our personalized attention and willingness to adapt to individual needs.